Hphtdiamonds.com Unveils a Modern Concept in Affordable Luxury - Published in Jewellery World Review May/June 2011 Issue

HPHT (high pressure, high temperature) enhancement of diamonds is a very hot issue currently causing great concern in the global gem and jewelry industry. Along with the growing number of HPHT diamonds entering the world-wide market comes growing concern that many of these HPHT enhanced diamonds are sold to consumers without disclosure.

For the uninitiated, HPHT diamond enhancement is a means of changing the color of brown diamonds that possess a specific chemical composition. When identified as a candidate, these stones are subjected to high temperature and pressure to change their color. Unlike irradiated or coated diamonds, the process is permanent, stable, and impervious to heat. The process is acceptable under US law as long as the processing is disclosed.

A company at the forefront of the disclosure issue is Los Angeles, California based hphtdiamonds.com that specializes in these types of stones.

Mr. Robert J. Galask, hphtdiamonds.com's owner, stated the company's aim is to educate consumers about HPHT enhanced diamonds while availing them to these beautiful and very affordable multi colored diamond products. "We are now building what will be a very informative website that will provide rich content on HPHT enhanced diamonds, including in depth articles written by experts and researchers in the field. We will also feature many links to other useful and educational websites. This is a technological breakthrough that should be understood and embraced rather than shrouded in mystery and feared," explained Mr. Galask.


"We hope to ensure that the decision to purchase these diamonds by dealers and consumers is an informed one. Undisclosed HPHT enhanced diamonds are now being sold all over the world, including the mainstream markets of the USA, China, Brazil, Russia, Thailand, India, and other key gemstone centers. Some dealers knowingly misrepresent their stones. In Brazil I have personally purchased diamonds from vendors claiming that these stones came from their own mines and were never altered," Mr. Galask stated. "Everyone needs to be far more aware of the potential for abuse since the detection of HPHT enhanced diamonds is very difficult and there are no definitive visual clues. Today, more than ever, it is very important that diamonds be certified by a competent gem lab. Only a few of the leading gem labs worldwide have the knowledge and technology capable of accurate identification," he added.

"Our process begins in the lab where we recreate the high pressure, high temperature environment Mother Nature originally used to form diamond. Under these conditions, dramatic molecular transformations can be effected. Color centers migrate and stress factors, long considered a cause of brown body color in diamond, can be eased. The diamond that once appeared as an unattractive brown stone reemerges as a rare and beautiful white or fancy color. Each diamond's unique chemistry dictates the final outcome. Mother Nature provides us with the building blocks. Now we are using the best USA based cutting edge technology to finish off a process that began billions of years prior," explained Mr. Galask. "Each stone has its own special personality. We use our technology to unlock that personality."

Everyone one of hphtdiamonds.com's stones are scoped for purity and tested with Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR) to determine the exact chemistry. Typically, 99% of all stones tested are eliminated due to chemistry and clarity issues. When a prospective candidate is identified, the company uses a multistep process that may include HPHT, irradiation, and annealing to arrive at the final color. The stones must then be polished before sale. Mr Galask noted that "since we are able to alter perhaps 1% of the diamonds we test, there will always be limited quantities of these goods available."

This process will provide retailers with a unique opportunity to restore profit to diamond sales. Fancy colored diamond prices are subjective and not dictated by a price list. At the same time it will give consumers the opportunity to buy something that is one-of-a-kind, hi tech, and fashionable.

"Our aim is to create fully disclosed, colorful diamond products that are affordable and of great quality and long lasting value for our customers," Mr. Galask enthused.